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Strengthen your inner balance with a unique energy exercise called The Spiral Sweep. Explore the connection between the endocrine system and the chakras. The benefits are unlimited as we take responsibility for our own evolution and learn to hold and express the greater charges of our being.

The Spiral Sweep exercise is a small but important part of the information contained in the complete EMF Balancing Technique® system. Responding to the energy patterns of The Spiral Sweep builds strength, resiliency, and increases the awareness of your own energy patterns and the energy patterns of your surroundings. As many of us are realizing, the sacred event we have been searching for is right in front of us, our very own lives. The Spiral Sweep exercise prepares us for the greater energetic charges we are now capable of holding and using in this everyday life.

Languages: English, Spanish

1. Golden Skeleton
2. Golden Brain
3. The Endocrine System
4. Energy around the feet
5. Vital Center
6. Creative/Sexual Center
7. Solar Plexus Center
8. Heart Center and High Heart Center
9. Throat Center
10. Third Eye
11. Crown Center
12. Hold and release

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Peggy Phoenix Dubro is a distinguished international speaker and teacher whose diverse talents have gained her a worldwide presence in the arena of “new thinking”. Over a period of twenty-two years, she has developed the EMFBalancing Technique®, an elegant and sophisticated form of energy work that is now practiced in more than 70 countries. Documented benefits from working with the EMF sessions include profound peace, stress-reduction, mental clarity, increased vitality and rejuvenation, physical regeneration, greater mastery in one’s life, improved relationships and overall well-being. The range of benefits is unlimited as we learn to hold and express our greater charge.

She is also the discoverer of the Universal Calibration Lattice®, an organized system of energy extending beyond the physical body that is your personal link to the universal energy source. In partnership with her husband Stephen, she is co-founder of The Energy Extension, Inc., an international organization dedicated to the conscious management of personal energy. They have also developed the LatticeLogic™ courses for school age children and forward thinking organizations. These new programs, based on quantum/circular reasoning combined with the power of focused intent, are being presented in secondary schools and various businesses around the world!

Robert Haig Coxon was born in Montreal, Canada and studied composition at McGill University. Highly regarded as a multi keyboardist, Robert draws on a broad range of personal, spiritual and musical experience to create his music for meditation.
He has been nominated four times for the prestigious “Felix” award (French equivalent to the Grammy), and quickly became Canada’s best-selling New Age artist. In 1995 he released The Silent Path, which almost instantly became number 1 in Canada and France.

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