Phase XIII

Phase XIII Image

2 hour workshop/session

No prerequisites—Available and Open to Everyone!
We are living in a time of great change, personally and collectively. This time of transformation presents us with a golden opportunity to evolve beyond our current limits. If we keep doing the things we have always done, we will continue to create the same results. Do you choose to embrace your evolutionary process, or do you choose to remain the same?
Learn Lattice Logic
•There is a place, an actual system within your consciousness where logic and infinite potential merge to create a greater reality, filled with attainable possibilities
•Learn how and why to become the Quantum Observer
•Master the art of conscious choice
•Develop your personal plan to balance stillness and action
•Easy for anyone to learn and use
Receive the Phase XIII Session
•You will receive this newly developed energy session
•The Phase XIII session is a grand combination of all twelve phases of the EMF Balancing Technique®
•This session is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end point of this evolutionary body of work that is practiced all around the world

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