I Remember I Am

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I Remember I AM CD Set
Honoring the Journey of You Becoming You

"Honoring yourself and honoring others, you live the teachings of all the great Masters as you grow in the moment to moment expression of your divinity."
Peggy Phoenix Dubro

Narration: Peggy Phoenix Dubro
Background Music: Scott Childs
Duration: 80:77 mins

CD #1: Infinity Express Meditation 19:30
CD #2: Meditations, Exercises, Selected Readings 61:47

1. Foreword 3:22
2. Radiating Core Energy 9:54
3. Side Fibers of the UCL 8:59
4. New Energy Dynamics 3:57
5. Orbital Sweep Meditation 15:05
6. Spiral Sweep Meditation 21:50 Audio Icon

Both CDs are designed to increase understanding of your sacredness as a unique individual, and our connection with one another. Peggy skillfully combines unique meditations, energetic exercises, and selected readings from her book Elegant Empowerment. This loving offering of practical advice and profound meditations creates an exceptional CD experience. Dedicated to the Creator within YOU!

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