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The Lattice Experience Workshop

Duration: 2 days—April 15-16, 2010 in Sedona, AZ  (Please inquire for other dates or locations.  New classes are formed according to student demand.)

Prerequisites: None – open to all  

Human consciousness is evolving and that evolution is reflected within our energy anatomy. The Universal Calibration Lattice® (UCL), a system within the energy anatomy, is radiating from the very core of our being.

This workshop is an experiential introduction to the understanding of how the UCL impacts our consciousness and our ability to co-create our most enlightened life!

Two days of activity and energetic alignments honoring your unique pattern of wholeness.

Day 1

An informative overview of the Universal Calibration Lattice, what it looks like and how it works (supported by animations and video with Peggy).

Understand the calibration process and the new dynamics of energy.

Apply this information in a practical way to enhance your individual growth and accelerate your evolution. Become aware of and recalibrate common dynamics of energy!

Learn the Alternating Sweep, an exercise of clear co-creation.

Learn to give (and receive) an empowering loving and nurturing EMF Balancing Technique Introductory Energy Session.

Workshop Schedule – Day 1

  • Introduction

       Peggy Phoenix Dubro
  • Opening Circle
  • Hello by Peggy Phoenix Dubro (video)
  • The Lattice – Animation video
  • Universal Calibration Lattice (part 1)
  • The Spiral Sweep – Exercise -Preparation / Presentation / Alignment
  • Universal Calibration Lattice (part 2)
  • The Alternating Sweep – Exercise
  • Introductory Energy Session - DVD presentation / Give and Receive
  • Summary

Day 2

Introduction to the Sacred Templates by Peggy (video message).

A fast paced and informative overview of the Sacred Templates, what they look like and how they work (supported by animations).

Practice transmitting energy across the room or around the world.

Learn to give (and receive) an empowering loving and nurturing EMF Balancing Technique Introductory Energy Session.

Workshop Schedule – Day 2

  • The Universal Calibration Lattice –Review
  • Peggy speaks about the Sacred Templates(video)
  • The Templates of Light – Review
  • The Sacred Templates – Animation video
  • The Send Symbol – The Language ofEnergy
  • The One Minute One Step Rush Symbol –The Language of Energy
  • The Third Lattice – Animation video
  • Information about EMF Sessions and Trainings
  • UCL Tai Ji – In The Energy of Love –Exercise
  • The Secret of Mastery
  • The Attributes of Mastery
  • About Community Meetings
  • Introductory Energy Session  – Give and Receive
  • Directing Energy With Your Eyes –Exercise

This 2-day workshop stands alone as a valuable experience. It is also the first step in the Personal Growth Training and the first step to becoming an EMF Balancing Technique Accredited Practitioner.

Cost: $180 covers both days plus workbook.  Additional materials will be available for purchase, if desired.

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