Lark "Premshakti" Tucker
Personal Energy Facilitator/Teacher





Dear One,
Thank you for stopping by.  It's a delight to share just a bit about myself and invite you into my life.
The underlying theme of my life has seemed to be to learn to live from the heart.  Opportunities to experience what it means to love on ever deepening levels have come for me continually.
I've created this website to share those tools and insights that are my current 'best practices' in my continuing journey.   I'm beginning with a focus on EMF Balancing Technique® as a body of work that has greatly enhanced my personal journey.  

I was first exposed to EMF in 2002.  First I experienced a few sessions, then I quickly signed up to take my first practitioner training.  Over the years, I have become a practitioner of all 13 phases, a teacher, and now even a teacher of teachers.  This technique accelerates personal growth/evolution and leads one to greater joy, abundance, and peace.  It greatly enhances our ability to live our lives of choice.
Over time, I am learning to channel more and more love from Source into everything I do.  This is, for me, the best expression of who I am.  So if/when I forget, don't be afraid to remind me.  And, if you are open to it, I'll do my best to remind you that you, too, are a channel of divine love and joy!
In the energy of joyful appreciation and exuberant love,

 Lark "Premshakti" Tucker  317-445-9751
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